Service Titan

There is a better way to grow.

The world’s leading all-in-one software for commercial and residential HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and other field service businesses.

  1. Improve conversion rates and job averages with a powerful visual sales experience.
  2. Book more opportunities by tracking how your office staff converts calls into appointments.
  3. Generate more leads by measuring the success of every marketing campaign

How to Setup the Gateway

Steps to initiate the gateway setup
  1. Go to the Service Titan Integration API Application Access and send us your Tenant ID (shown in the top right corner). Enter your information, the Tenant ID, and additional information into the fields above the Submit button.
  2. We provide two options to connect, the first is option A for jobs flow, and the other is option B for bookings (leads).  Leads flow is mainly for businesses obtaining leads from one of Dispatch’s customer base.  
  3. In the Additional information box, please provide the proper information for the integration option below:

Option A (Booking or Leads Flow)- For organizations that receive leads from a source

We require that you provide us with the booking provider ID (not name) under which you wish new bookings to be created. Let us know which one by taking a look at this page.

  • Booking Provider ID (Not Name) Link

Option B (Jobs Flow) – For organizations that receive verified jobs

We need a default business unit, campaign, and job type to use for new jobs created in Service Titan. If you have a preference, please let know the exact name to use in each case, and please also provide your Tenant ID from the previous step. Otherwise, please perform the following (or follow the steps in this 1 minute video):

  • Business Unit - Click here to add a new Business Unit and name it Dispatchme
  • Campaign - we will create one for you named Dispatchme
  • Job Type - we will create one for you named Offered

Once we have received your Tenant ID and you have set up and provided us with the additional information,  we will send you a confirmation that will allow you to proceed to the next step. If you have any questions, please fill out the contact information here, and we'll reach out to you shortly.

4. Last step, you will need to provide Dispatch via email, the following information 

  • Client ID
  • Client secret 

View this 1-minute video for instructions

5. Once keys are received by Dispatch (and the above setup has been performed), Dispatch will notify you when the gateway has been activated

  • New jobs will start showing up in Service Titan (from the point of activation), and relevant updates to those jobs will be fed back to Dispatch (to see which status, please see the FAQ)!
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