Through our gateway with Rossware, you will have access to Dispatch jobs in Rossware. When you make changes to the job in Rossware, Dispatch will send our usual notifications to your customers and Technicians.

How to Setup the Gateway

For more information on the Rossware gateway click here

To enable your Rossware gateway:

  • Complete the contact information to the right and request "gateway credentials for Rossware". Our Support team we send these onto you

Once you have your credentials, open Rossware:

  • Go to the applicable downloads page ( (your standard Rossware download permissions should work).  You may pick any desktop to install and run the utility from.  Regardless, it should be copied from the download into the same \sd folder from which the involved station also runs ServiceDesk (i.e., into the server's \sd folder if the involved station runs in "thin-client" mode, or to that station's c:\sd folder if it's running in "thick-client" mode).  After placing it there, make a desktop shortcut to it, and run it
  • Enter in the credentials in the area shown

  • Please let us know once you've performed this step so we can activate the gateway - once activated (we will let you know!) new jobs will start showing up in Rossware (from the point of activation)
  • Please place a copy of the program’s shortcut into the Windows Startup folder, so that you can count on the program reliably running after each/any Windows reboot. 
  • *There is a monthly cost for this gateway
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