Taking Credit Card Payments?

We have partnered with a preferred Payment Processor called Clearent for Credit Card transactions taken inside and outside of Dispatch. This service is available to all active companies in Dispatch.

Why Choose Clearent?

ZERO Monthly Fees

Neither Clearent and Dispatch will charge monthly fees for collecting Credit Cards, saving you from paying unnecessary recurring fees no matter how much volume you process.

ZERO Setup Fees

Why shell out any up-front payments? Unlike other solutions, you won't be obliged to whip out your wallet to get started.

Competitive Transaction Fees

You deserve to be treated fairly with lower transactions fees for processing at high-volumes. You'll receive a fair rate that you can feel confident about.

Excellent Support

Some gateways struggle to provide you with the attention you deserve. With Clearent, you wont' be left in the dark with support available every day of the week.

Mobile App + Hardware (optional)

Collecting and viewing payments can be handled through Clearent's Mobile App as needed, accessible at any time!

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